2010 FAA Inspection

Chesterland, OH -- As part of an ongoing effort to keep aircraft operating safely and efficiently, the FAA regularly inspects repair stations to confirm maintenance work on avionic and other equipment is being performed according to strict guidelines. Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) has had no deficiencies denoted after a recent 2010 inspection.

A local FAA inspector from the North Olmsted, Ohio district office of the FAA conducted the inspection. The inspection includes all activities associated with repairing key components that support the mission readiness of fighters, transports, and rotocraft used by the US Department of Homeland Security, US Coast Guard, US Air Force, and other military branches in the US and abroad.

In addition to physical components stocked at the AMS facility, the FAA inspection covers activities associated with warranty tracking, maintenance, corrective maintenance, logistics, and technical services performed. All activities associated with replenishing, repairing, maintaining, and calibrating support equipment are parts of a typical inspection.

Typical inspections also cover activities associated with system specific documentation, including blue prints, drawings, repair and test procedures documentation, logistic management information, and other technical data. All activities in support of the delivery of electronics, hydraulics, instrumentation, radio, radar, and other aircraft components are subject to securitization by FAA inspectors.


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