Emergency Service Helps USAF

Officials at Warner-Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, in association with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, recently contacted Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) with an “Emergency” request. They needed 24 Air Speed Indicators for their Lockheed-Martin C-130s repaired and returned to service as soon as possible and requested expedited services.

Original plans called for AMS to return the units to service at a rate of two per month during 2012 and 2013. AMS was able to return the units at a rate of 2 per week, well ahead of schedule.

“We can return the units faster than expected by working overtime and a greater allotment of manpower, but the core of this success is our technicians who are experienced at troubleshooting these units, which decreases diagnostic bench time,” says John Dooley, Accountable Manager at AMS.  “Plus, when the USAF or any other end-user procurement specialist works directly with AMS, that saves turn-around time too.”

In addition to Air Speed Indicators, AMS repairs and maintains Master Caution Panels and Bus Switching Units from C-130 transports for Warner Robins.  The FAA-145 repair depot has a long history of maintaining, repairing, and overhauling electronics, avionics, hydraulic and mechanical systems, radio, radar, fuel systems, and other C-130 components for the USAF.

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