Aerospace Maintenance Solutions Awarded DOD C-130 Contract

AMS was deemed the only FAA–145–certified sources that satisfy the DOD and U.S. Air Force source approval requirements for these maintenance activities. The company works directly with the Department of Defense to gain knowledge and technical data to facilitate necessary repair actions following Air Force approval. AMS's role in the contract increases the mission capabilities of US aircraft in the US and abroad, including military actions in Iraq. Repairing the electronic panels and power switching units enables the US government to mitigate Diminishing Material Source (DMS) issues and long procurement lead times. In addition to the U.S. Air Force, AMS is "source approved" by the C–130 manufacturer, Lockheed Martin (Ft. Worth, TX) and the Department of State for maintenance on many of the aircraft subassemblies, including electronics, radio, radar, instrumentation, hydraulics, mechanical, accessories, and fuel system components. As contract award recipients the company had successfully proposed maintenance procedures which were approved by the U.S. Air Force engineers to provide repairs which had not previously been utilized by Air Force personnel. The contract is a five–year award with two one–year options.

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