AMS earns AS9110 certification

Chesterland, Ohio -- In August of 2013, Perry Johnson Registrars (PJR) assessed the Quality management system of Aerospace Maintenance Solutions and determined that the company’s Quality system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and AS9110:2009 Rev A requirements.

AS9110 includes additional safety, reliability, and airworthiness requirements for military aircraft maintenance, repairs, and component overhauls. So, by earning the ISO 9001:2008 and AS9110:2009 Rev A Quality certifications, AMS joins a small group of companies that go beyond AS9100 standards.  

The AS9110 standard is complimentary to AS9100 and is based on the ISO 9001 quality management system. These and other certifications will be especially important to AMS as the company continues to service more of the domestic and international military markets to sustain existing fighters, helicopters, and transports.

The AS9110 certification elevates the quality management system to the globally recognized standard. AS9110 takes a process-based approach by focusing on and identifying the key processes and achieving on-going improvements within those processes.

The new Quality certification is applicable to all levels of the MRO process, including repair evaluations, test procedures, process checklists, and documentation. The scope of AMS’s registration includes design, maintenance, repair, and overhaul of instrumentation, electrical/electronic system components and mechanical accessories for the defense and commercial aircraft industries. 

AS9110 corresponds to both governmental and regulatory requirements.  The MRO requirements also provide important guidance for the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA).

AS9110 includes close to 100 requirements for suppliers, airline companies, aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), FAA-certified repair stations, and regulatory agencies.  

PJR is impartial in carrying out its management system certification activities. The organization ensures the objectivity of its management certification activities, including the recent certification of AMS. 

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