AMS Hires Heroes


Chesterland, OH --  As part of a effort to assist veterans transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce, AMS is hiring veterans with aerospace engineering and electronics backgrounds.


When possible, AMS provides employment opportunities for veterans as they seek to successfully transition to civilian life and careers in private companies. The AMS initiative is one way to help serve those who have served their country. 


AMS currently employs a former C-130 Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Systems maintainer originally from the 179th Airlift Wing.  His job at AMS is now a Test Engineer in the AMS R&D department, often working with the same components he has previously seen in the field during his military service.


Another veteran works in business development at AMS. This Company Commander supervised 36 soldiers, and was responsible for their safety and security. He was accountable for million dollars worth of equipment. And, he planned, directed, and conducted engineering support of combat and peacetime operations. 


Working with veterans like those mentioned above goes beyond the paychecks they earned. Veterans bring their experience and teamwork skills to the AMS workforce. Managing engineering technology on a military base in a war zone requires multiple teamworking skills. Those skills are often useful in civilian roles. 


AMS also supports new job training programs like “Hire Heros.”


All veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who meet the minimum criteria are eligible to apply for a job at AMS. Applicants must be a United States veterans (served in any branch of the United States military) and have prior education or experience in engineering, electronics, avionics, instrumentation, or other relevant experience. 


To submit your application, go to 


About AMS: AMS is a DOT/FAA-145 certified repair depot skilled in troubleshooting legacy components. Platforms supported include C-130, F-4, F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18, UH-60, AH-1, UH-1, AH-64, OH-58, CH-47, S-70, and other aircraft. “Source Approved” by Lockheed Martin and the United States (U.S.) Air Force. Visit


About Hire Heroes USA:  Hire Heroes is an organization dedicated to creating job opportunities for U.S. military veterans and their spouses through personalized employment training and corporate engagement. Visit:



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