Lockheed Martin Grades AMS 100%

Lockheed Martin Sustainment Services issues a regular Supplier Scorecard to AMS, which grades the repair depot’s quality. AMS scored 100% on the most recent 2012 scorecard.

The scorecard contains data based on AMS Quality Performance along with all of the supporting documents. The Quality performance is calculated as Lots accepted / All Lots Received. 

The Scorecard Rating Scale is as follows:

Excellent = 98% to 100% 

Approved = 95% to 97%

Conditional = 94% to 90%

Unsatisfactory = 89% or lower

Sustainment Services consists of the following organizations: Greenville Site Operations in Greenville, SC, Kelly Aviation Center in San Antonio, TX, and Global Supply Chain Services in Johnstown, PA. For more information, contact

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