Thailand Issues Letter of Intent to AMS

AMS announces that Thailand’s Directorate of Aeronautical Engineering (DAE) has issued a letter of Intent to AMS within the 4th Quarter of 2013. The letter applies to Blanket Export License confirmation from the DAE to purchase spare parts, components, and services from Aerospace Maintenance Solutions for the maintenance and repair of F-16 aircraft in Thailand.

The materials will be used for the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF),. The letter will allow AMS to apply for an export license from the U.S. Department of State in order to reduce delivery times and permit the DAE to expedite repair for urgently needed military aircraft components.
The letter is an important first step for Thailand because it will eventually help the RTAF address Diminishing Material Source (DMS) issues when replacement parts cannot be procured through the open market. AMS develops DMS solutions through an AS9110 certification processes that includes design, maintenance, repair, and overhaul of instrumentation, electrical/electronic system components, and mechanical accessories for the defense and commercial aircraft industries.

AS9110 helps AMS create a highly specialized engineering environment that functions with specific processes and procedures developed by aircraft manufacturers. The AMS staff’s collective technical experience troubleshooting and repairing legacy components includes F-16s and other military aircraft. Technical solutions include designing and engineering aircraft components and designing custom-engineered test equipment based on customer requirements to support aircraft components. AMS creates engineering and support programs for many types of the aircraft components, which include schematics development, parts breakdowns, and test procedures to support ongoing maintenance and operation. 
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