US Military Saves $ with AMS

As a source-approved repair contractor for Lockheed Martin, Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) is reducing the cost to maintain US Military fleets several ways. In 2009, the US Government recognized Lockheed Martin's F-16 Program Manager for work with AMS repairing several types of F-16 components, for example, the Head-Up Display video switching units. "The switching units were originally considered throw-away items when faults were detected," explains John Dooley, Accountable Manager at AMS. "We found ways to reliably repair and return them to service for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement units." For the Warner-Robbins Air force Base in Georgia, AMS repairs air speed indicators, liquid quantity transmitters, altitude alerts, and interface units. In particular, the bus switching units, master caution panels, and other electronic and avionic components once considered to have a long lead time by the U.S. Military are now diagnosed and repaired by AMS within days. In addition to direct cost savings on replacement parts, AMS’s performance-based logistics maintenance programs improve parts availability while mitigating Diminishing Material Source issues, which help the US Military get the most out of existing fighters like the F-16 as well as rotorcraft (e.g., UH-60) and transports (e.g., C-130). Decreasing the turn time on these units by AMS also saves money and increases mission capability. "Reliability and trust are necessary to make these government contracts effective, so in addition to our FAA-145 certification, we also voluntarily comply with ISO 9001:2000 and other regulations," says Dooley. "And we meet MICAP and AOG requirements. AMS improves the mission readiness of the US Air Force, Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Securities, and Department of State, but the company's global reach includes work on the Italian Peace Caeser (F-16). Here, AMS repaired AVTR video panels that were once considered throw-away components by the Italians. AMS has U.S. Air Force approval on many repair processes which were developed in house and submitted for source approval as required to perform maintenance on particular U.S. government contract and FMS programs. "When you have repaired these aircraft as long as our certified technicians have, you develop a sense of where the opportunities for cost savings are located," explains Dooley. "And with the trust of Warner-Robbins Air Force Base and the support from companies like Lockheed Martin, we can find more opportunities to save."

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