Senator Dolan acknowledges AMS contributions to Ohio economy

Ohio Senator Matt Dolan has recognized Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) for its economic impact to the State of Ohio; the birthplace of Aviation. All of AMS revenue comes from outside the State of Ohio, much of it from outside the U.S. However, the Solon-based company is redistributing global currencies to support local Ohio economies.

In 2019, the company spent several million dollars renovating the new facility using all Ohio contractors. AMS spends millions of dollars yearly on salaries and benefits for their employees, all located in Ohio. AMS revenue also supports an important supply chain consisting of Ohio companies: software developers, component and material suppliers needed to support repairs of military aircraft components, calibration services for test equipment, soldering training services, and FAA and AS9110 training.

From a single location in Ohio, AMS provides critical repair and overhaul services needed for U.S. military aircraft (e.g., F-16, UH-60, C-130) to protect the U.S. homeland. AMS effectively lowers U.S. military costs with process innovations, which also enables mission readiness by minimizing maintenance delays. Ohio military bases supported by AMS include Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Youngstown Air Reserve Station, U.S. Coast Guard Great Lake Station, U.S. Army Reserve, Toledo Air National Guard, and Mansfield Air Nation Guard.

AMS services also support the U.S. Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security aircraft as well as aircraft used by police, fire-fighters, DEA, search-and-rescue, EMS, and other public safety operations across the U.S.

AMS supports Ohio Governor Advisor Joe Zeis in his mission to “Preserve and expand Ohio’s Aerospace and Defense Industry. . . and Maintain and grow the workforce.”

As part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Industrial Base, AMS was identified as part of the U.S. Critical Infrastructure Sector by the Undersecretary of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning on March 19, AMS employees in Ohio have maintained normal work schedules per the Undersecretary’s guidelines. Since then, AMS has not laid off, furloughed, or otherwise reduced its workforce. It is one of a very few aerospace companies in Ohio actively seeking to increase the number of overall employees during 2020 by hiring additional personnel.

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