Aerospace Maintenance Solutions Earns New AS9100D Certification, Expands Service Offerings to Military Aircraft End Users

[Solon, OH] – Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) is proud to announce its recent achievement of the AS9100D certification. With this new certification, AMS can now offer a wider range of service options to military aircraft end users, particularly in the area of legacy aircraft components.


One of the key capabilities enabled by AMS’s AS9100D certification is its expertise in reverse engineering. By employing this process, AMS can address the challenges posed by Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) and provide effective solutions to military aircraft operators.


AMS excels in supporting military aircraft components afflicted by DMSMS due to various reasons, including the discontinuation of critical parts by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), unavailability of small parts and subassemblies for legacy components, and neglect of lesser-valued parts by large corporations after acquiring smaller companies. When faced with non-functioning units that cannot be repaired or sourced from the open market, AMS utilizes reverse engineering techniques to duplicate and manufacture these components.


Reverse engineering involves replicating an item’s fit, form, function, and dimensions based on proven flightworthy units. At AMS, this process is conducted in adherence to AS Quality practices, utilizing a comprehensive library of authenticated manuals, technical documents, and drawings, as well as following the guidelines set by the US Department of Defense for reverse engineering.


By offering reverse engineering capabilities, AMS significantly reduces procurement costs for spare and replacement parts, especially for components with limited or no existing manufacturers. This cost reduction aligns with the increased focus on competitive procurement within defense budgets for the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Homeland Security. To foster competition and minimize restrictions, the U.S. Congress and the Department of Defense have implemented the Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement No. 6 (DAR-S6), known as the DOD Replenishment Parts Breakout Program.


With the AS9100D certification, AMS is well-equipped to ensure the mission readiness and ongoing maintenance support for a wide range of military aircraft.


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Press Contact: Bruce Wiebusch,