AIM-9 document released

Chesterland, OH — Aerospace Maintenance Solutions, LLC (AMS) is releasing a new document that describes the company’s testing, troubleshooting, repair, and overhaul of AIM-9 components used on F-16 aircraft.

Currently, the AIM-9 capabilities supported by AMS include electrical and electronic repairs to power supplies, data bus interfaces, and the system’s launch rail. AMS technicians are trained, skilled, and knowledgeable of the use of data bus analyzers and other support equipment needed to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair AIM-9 component units.

AMS has in-house test equipment used for maintaining and sustaining AIM-9 components. AMS technicians are trained to operate test equipment associated with each AIM-9 component.

The company also supports repairs and overhauls of countermeasures, fire control systems, stores management panels and other weapon system components on multiple aircraft platforms.

AMS offers a combination of solutions for each component serviced. Solutions for cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, technical troubleshooting, design, diminishing sources of replacement components, procurement, and maintenance are rendered on an “as needed” basis, depending upon the individual requirements and preferences of customers.  Repairs, testing procedures, and other relevant practices used for returning AIM-9 components to service are documented by AMS.

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