AMS makes donations to local law enforcement

Solon, Ohio — Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means different things to different companies. For some, it means improving the corporate bottom line with social value. Other companies create new forms of business to address social or environmental challenges. At Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS), CSR efforts have recently focused donations of office furniture and equipment to a local police station in Ohio.

After moving the company’s operations from Chesterland, OH to Solon, OH in September of 2019, AMS had a surplus of furniture, storage racks, and office equipment it did not need. The company had purchased new, modern furniture and assets for its advanced aerospace facility.

When one of the AMS employees heard that a nearby police department needed office equipment, AMS president John Dooley decided to donate a conference table, chairs, and other office equipment to the police department.

“We are incredibly grateful to AMS for their donation to the Madison Village Police Department,” says Chief of Police Troy A. McIntosh. “Our department was in need of office furnishings for a planned relocation later this year, and AMS’s generous donation of a large collection of furniture and equipment will completely cover those needs.” He explains that the budget savings realized due to the donation can now better be used to provide increased services to Madison Village residents.

“We believe supporting the Madison Village Police Department in Ohio with this donation is an important way to give back to police and public safety professionals who protect our communities,” says Dooley. “It’s one way we can say thank you to them.”

AMS has a history of working with police, law enforcement officials, fire fighters, border patrol agents, homeland security officials, and search-and-rescue teams with repair and overhaul services to keep their aircraft operating safely. Repair and overhaul work for these aircraft includes electronics, flight controls, instruments, and VIDS systems onboard UH-60 helicopters.

AMS repairs most VIDS components in accordance with appropriate DMWRs for the UH-60’s military end users. But as some UH-60s are being transitioned to non-military applications, DMWR repair and test procedures require modifications to meet new customer requirements. In these cases, AMS works with customers to test, repair, and document the changes in accordance with new requirements and applications for UH-60s and S-70s.

 “Socially responsible activities enhance employee satisfaction, which in turn generates lower employee turnover,” says Denette Ditmer, Operations Manager at AMS. “A positive work environment can result in more favorable job attitudes and better work performance.”