AMS supports International Trade Administration Partnership with OAI

Brook Park, Ohio — Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) participated in a signing ceremony with Ohio Aerospace Institute’s President Dr. John Sankovic and Joseph Semsar, the Deputy Under Secretary for the International Trade Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. AMS derives a significant part of its annual revenue from trade with foreign militaries, who rely on the Solon-based company to repair and overhaul many types of critical components on F-5, F-16, C-130, UH-60s, and other aircraft platforms.


The signing ceremony was focused on a U.S. Trade and Investment Strategic Partnership between the International Trade Administration and the Ohio Aerospace Institute. Working together, they plan to increase export of products and services from the U.S. to other countries.


The International Trade Administration functions as an advocate for companies in Ohio and other states by addressing supply chain vulnerabilities and minimizing the negative impact of trade disruptions like COVID-19. During the Trump administration, the Department of Commerce has sought to eliminate unfair trade practices, such as the “dumping” of steel and other commodities in the U.S. by China.


Through commercial diplomacy and collaboration with foreign governments and private businesses, the Ohio Aerospace Institute also advocates for aerospace companies that support defense aircraft OEMs, their supply chains, and aftermarket repair depots of military aircraft in Ohio, like AMS.


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