Lockheed Martin Extends End-item Acceptance Status at AMS

Chesterland, OH — The Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (LM Aero) has extended its “End Item Acceptance” oversight status of Aerospace Maintenance Solution (AMS) for a second year in a row. When LM Aero suppliers like AMS perform with a high level of quality and consistency, LM’s confidence in that supplier increases, so supplier oversight activities are modified. In AMS’s case, the oversight modification is continuing into a second year extending to 2016.


The End Item Acceptance Delegation Letter provided to AMS granted the repair depot the ability to “self-release” Lockheed Martin parts repaired and overhauled in the company’s Chesterland, Ohio facility.


Significantly contributing to the renewal of the “self-release” status is the fact that AMS has been consistently in compliance with AS9110:2009 requirements since August of 2013. AMS regularly operates with the appropriate processes and procedures defined by their aerospace Quality program and Lockheed Martin.


AMS maintenance, repair, and overhaul capabilities for Lockheed Martin aircraft components include actuators, instruments, valves, meters, fuel system components, motors, pistons, servomechanisms, power plants, environmental controls, indicators, amplifiers, radio, radar, hydraulics, and other mechanical components found in Lockheed transports (i.e., C-130) and fighters (i.e., F-16).


The End Item Acceptance status is a method whereby AMS and Lockheed Martin can jointly engage in preventive practices aimed at reducing both product risk and process disruption. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics representatives will still continue to perform surveys and process validation activities.