NATO Countries Go Direct to AMS

Chesterland, OH — Aerospace Maintenance Solutions, LLC (AMS) is an approved maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) vendor for aircraft OEMs like Lockheed Martin as well as militaries from many counties around the world that friendly to the US.


Within the past ten years, AMS has supported more than a dozen North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries that are either member countries, sponsor countries, or countries of the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and Mediterranean region. The broad scope of NATO’s “area of responsibility” under Article 6 of the North Atlantic Treaty includes countries with territories on multiple continents.


AMS’s source-approved capabilities for these customers has included repair and overhaul of generator controls, gyroscopes, accelerometers, power supplies, voltage regulators, amplifiers, circuit cards, actuators, valves, displays, altimeters, indicators, transducers, control panels, weapons multiplex data bus components, avionics, and other components using MIL-STD-1553 and 1773.


NATO and other militaries around the globe speed their turn times by working directly with the source-approved repair depot and bypassing FMS programs. AMS is ITAR compliant and certified to AS9110:2012 Rev B standards.


The military alliance among NATO countries has existed since 1949. Members of the organization have agreed to mutual defense in response to external attacks. For example, after September 11 of 2001, NATO deployed troops to Afghanistan. The organization has operated a range of additional roles since then, including multiple roles in the Iraq War.  More recently, in 2014, NATO played a role in response to the Russian invasion of Crimea.


Members of militaries from NATO and other countries will gather in Ogden, UT to discuss common configuration/maintenance/and logistics issues. AMS will exhibit in booth 27, September 12 – 15 at the 2016 F-16 & Proven Aircraft Worldwide Review in Ogden, UT.


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