USAF Approves AMS to Build F-16 Electronic Component Assembly

Solon, OH –   The Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) at Hill Air Force Base in Utah has approved Aerospace Maintenance Solutions, LLC (AMS) as a pre-qualified manufacturing source for part number 16C0851-XXX, an F-16 Electronic Component Assembly (ECA).  

The ECA is part of the F-16’s flight control system. It computes and monitors parameters of the aircraft’s leading-edge flap. The source approval also covers corresponding national stock numbers for 16C0851-XXX, including 5998-01-044-9400, 5998-01-330-9073, 5998-01-148-0712, 5998-01-123-0046, 6610-01-122-2345, 6610-01-088-0504, and 5998-01-330-9073.

AMS supports many legacy components on F-16s, F-5s, C-130s, UH-60s, and other military aircraft. The company’s engineers and technicians develop repair, overhaul, and production capabilities for legacy aircraft components that have Diminishing Material Source (DMS) issues, hard-to-procure components, and other sustainment challenges.

AMS’s comprehensive engineering and support programs are developed by our Research and Development department within an AS9110C Quality environment. Schematics, parts breakdowns, and test procedures developed within this environment support on-going operation of legacy components, as well as the mission readiness of the U.S. Military customers, NATO forces, and other foreign military allies.

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